Vows to God

God, I vow to honor and respect you even when I do not understand the purpose.

God, I vow to love you unconditionally when it’s hard and when it hurts.

I vow to give you all of me so that you use me as your vessel.

God, I vow to protect your name and use my testimony to show your strength.

God, I vow to spend time with you every day by making time to build on our relationship.

I vow to let you drive the wheel of my life, while I sit content in the passenger seat.

I vow to stop questioning you and do the work to understand why.

I vow to love my enemies as you do.

I vow to work together to build a true purpose in my life.

I vow to never run away and show the love that you have for me to others.

I vow to respect the relationship that we have by putting love first.

I vow to put you first, ask you first, and love you before any and everything.

I vow to listen when you speak and refrain from only listening to myself.

I vow to be here first before being anywhere else.

I vow to build on our relationship and make you a part of my family's relationship.

I vow to pray more, love more and open my eyes.

I vow to use your love and blessings to give back to others.

I vow to never take you for granted knowing you’ll always be with me, even though the storm.

You are my first love, and I am sorry it took so long for me to get here, but I am here now, and I will never go away.

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