To The Wise

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Growing up, my family and I did not have much; nevertheless, we always expressed our wealth through food. I can admit that we did not always cook and eat the healthiest meals; however, the time spent produced several unforgettable moments and lessons. During those times, there was one person that showed me the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet.

I had the opportunity to first meet this wise woman at the age of 9. I was so intrigued by her merely since she was 85 years old and had a strong affinity for coffee, so much so that it was the main part of her diet. Most of the meals that she made did not derive from a can nor a box, for she harvested her fruits and vegetables. Before I met her, I thought that all foods derived solely from a pantry or shelf. I was even more bewildered when she showed me how to read the ingredients of an item on the back of the box. And, when I did not understand what an item was, she would drive me to the store and identify the item in the store. Okay, okay… I know what you are thinking, who was driving this old woman? -- Interestingly enough, at the age of 93 years old she received a perfect score on her driving test.

As a child I hated vegetables, to the point where my mother would have to mince them down so finely so I could no longer recognize the vegetable. Though this was the case, when I was with the wise woman, our afternoon snack choice was celery and carrots, we would eat our snack while she kicked my butt in SKIP-BO. This wise woman made everything seem so sophisticated, vegetables, fruits, and all things homemade. For goodness sake, she even had a pink chrome walker and high heel shoes that she would wear. I am so thankful for this wise woman and I am ever grateful for the 20 years I got to share with her.

5 cups of coffee, a morning newspaper, a chrome walker, and a gold grill.

Thank you second, grandma.

Rest in Paradise March 8, 2018

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