Mental, Physical, Spiritual Tips Through #COVID-19

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

-Photo by Camerina Morales

  1. Experience all emotions (frustration, anger, sadness, irritation, loneliness, etc.)

  2. Give yourself time to process those emotions as they come

  3. Accept that everyone processes differently so have grace and be patient

  4. Create a routine (meditate, work out, read your bible, etc.)

  5. Give yourself time to take a break from everything and everyone

  6. Think about those things you always wanted to do but never set aside the time to do (The Time is Now!)

  7. Find time for loved hobbies

  8. Create a budget-- we do not know what there is to come. Get yourself prepared

  9. Knowledge is power! Learn something new (investments, trades, skills, etc.)

  10. Connect with your family and friends frequently

  11. Learn how to love yourself just a little bit more

  12. Be Safe, Be Smart, and Stay Home

I am no expert but I am making the best out of this time.

--iRise Wellness

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