I am falling, for what seems like an eternity.

Being weightless for so long I know no more my up from my down, my left from my right, just me. As I “sink” into this dark abyss, this dark void.

It reminds me of the torment my soul has been going through for so long.

But it is strange because as I am falling deeper and deeper into his dark abyss

I look up and see a faint light, the light of the other side, and the side to my happiness.

And it pains me, as I cannot defy the gravitational effect of this earthly world,

As sometimes I wish I could ditch this body to reach my happiness

But that’s not the way I want to go, even as my lonely soul cries for another.

Iit is strange because as I am falling I am crying,

But not a heavy cry just the tears won’t stop flowing out of my body like the water flows out of a dam. As my tears flow, I see them dissolve into tears of light that tease me as I fall further and further it is weird because with each passing year I feel a load of pressure leaving my body making it easier to be alone.

But this only happens in the world in my mind a world I am afraid of,

But since I can only cry in the other world I always feel the heavy and constant pressure of the


So it never gets easier but I know that if I could just shed one tear,

I know the pressure of this world would ease, but to no avail, I cannot cry,

When I try I feel my soul tingle and it tries to cry for me but I just can’t.

It feels like if I cry the sensation of falling through an empty void would disappear and the sensation of someone looking for me, looking for a lost soul like mine would disappear, and with it, the hope of being caught by the light, being caught by my happiness would go away so I just fall deeper and deeper into an endless empty void forever.

- Devore McIntosh

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